Wednesday, May 22, 2013

it's catch up time!

I've been away from the blog for one day - and have billions of things to catch you up on!
 ONE - I've been busy making custom orders of boxes- I love the natural colours of 'jazz'
 TWO - end of year accounts.  Done - I'm always keen to get them done asap before the summer starts and kit work begins in earnest - Heather (my accountant) takes away all my spreadsheets and bits of paper, fires questions at me, then comes back with new bits of paper and a big tax bill and it's done. phew!
 THREE - John Lewis have decided which lines they would like to stock for Autumn/Winter 2013 (17 different kits - woo-hoo!!!) It's always a very nervous few weeks between submitting new & existing designs for consideration and the BIG decision being made ... so it's a good job the accounts are done because it is officially the start of Kit Making Season! 
FOUR - piles of 30% wool 9" squares have been uncovered in the Kit Stock Cupboard and are now super cheap on eBay for all you bargain hunters; super price of 3 for £1,  or 4 for £1.32 depending on how many of each colour are left!!!
FIVE - Becky and I have been having fun with ribbons - but I'll be back with that tomorrow!

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