Monday, May 13, 2013

a speedy weekend!

this weekend went so quickly! 
we spent (not enough) hours with my Mum and Dad in Plymouth...lots of talking and catching up and lots of yummy chocolate cake - Mum makes the best cake!!  It was Dad's birthday weekend  *happy birthday Dad* so we went out for dinner too :-)
After Plymouth John and I stayed a night here: 
which is a little pub in a tiny village in Somerset called Kingsdon - highly recommended by us, it was glorious! and then we went to a car show that was full of Saabs and Volvos (Olaf, the car in the photo below) is a Volvo too. .... and today we are back at work and all your lovely orders have been parcelled up and are in the sacks waiting for Mr.Postman to collect them....phew!  I think I need a little holiday to recover from our little holiday!!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous - sounds like a great time had! Pub looks lovely so does Olaf!!