Monday, May 20, 2013

I did it!

I completed my cutting marathon!
 240 flowers :: 240 flower middles :: 240 buttons
 240 owl bodies :: 240 owl wings :: 240 owl faces :: 240 owl beaks :: 240 bits of pretty ribbon :: 240 buttons :: 480 owl eyes
 all packed  up and posted to Jayne ....
 ...who then unpacks them all and puts them together again as part of her glorious cross stitch kits:  sewing sampler & owls of a feather
 definately a lot of cutting - I think I need to get me some edward scissorhand hands!


Natasha-Rizhik said...

Did you cut this all just by hand??? Oh you monster!!! In a good way)))

Anne said...


Hannah said...

I really wonder how you get so much done everyday, well done!