Monday, January 31, 2011

a lovely way to spend the day x2

I've been surrounded by ribbons today...picking and choosing and cutting and packing them...

...into my Dots & Stripes gift boxes

Yesterday I spent the day shopping with my sister and niece ... so I've had 2 lovely days in a row!
new workshop update...landlord's solicitor is being slow, so the best outlook is another 2-3 weeks! we've stopped the painting and cleaning until the move-in date gets nearer!


Gigitte77 said...

Serait il possible de commander des boutons de la référence, suivante.
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Anonymous said...

ooh, pretty!

ÇAĞAN said...

Your blog is very nice and you make it so beautiful. I'wanna be make this. but I Dont know,

See you later

Highland Monkey's said...

What lovely ribbon gift boxes. Hope you get to go into your new 'home' soon, it must be frustrating for you to be nearly there, but, someone is dragging their feet.

fafafo said...

so pretty.luv it so much dear

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Lovely packaging for your ribbons :-)
Anne xx