Wednesday, February 02, 2011

print : cut : fold ...and repeat

sometimes the monotonous jobs are just what I fancy doing!
I sat on the sofa, with my feet up, day-time telly on the TV and in no time I'd chopped up a whole reams worth of printing!
Tomorrow it's freebie day again (where on earth did January go???)
It won't be live till early evening because it's not ready yet (boy did it sneak up on me this time!)


Unknown said...

Blimey - where has January gone!! Can't wait til tomorrow.... Sue

Stephanie said...

Every month when I flick over my calendar I get all excited thinking of what you will have for your freebie and wondering if I will get lucky and win :D

Anonymous said...

yippee!! here's hoping for freebie day fortune! Thanks for the cupcake delivery - so cute!

quiltdude said...

Can it be freebie time again!!!
Fingers crossed everyone :-)

earthlyjewels said...

Yes! I'm so excited for another freebie day! I'm definitely there!