Monday, February 07, 2011

another hurdle jumped!

My solicitor has received the paperwork from the other solicitor...hoo-bl**dy-ray!
It's still a couple of weeks away I think (but what do I know !) but it means that we're kick-starting the painting plan we double checked all my measurements and plans, and it nearly all fitted in where I want it (not physically, just with a tape measure!) and John is staring doing the really important (but also a bit boring) jobs of removing redundant sockets (there are a million) and replacing light cables (they are so old they smell of fish when they get warm!)...we didn't know where the smell was coming from until an electrician friend of John's suggested it was the lights, so we didn't use them and there was no smell...hey presto-no more smelly fish smell! (apparently it's the old plastic on the cable which degrades over time and when it gets warm it smells...who knew?)

I've been busy window shopping online & found a good way of creating storage on 2 of the walls, without breaking the bank and I can't wait to order it all and get it up on the wall and share it all with you .... oh I am so impatient to get moving, but at least there is progress being made again!
Oh! and the cupcakes have been finished and are now back in the shop!


Anonymous said...

Yippee for you!! Nice to have your plans up and running again.
Think you may have answered the problem with #2 son's bedroom, that keeps getting a fishy smell at times.....and the wiring has been seriously questionable since we lived here?!Thanks for sharing your unusual issue!!!

Cris Roling said...

So cute... so delicated!!!