Wednesday, January 05, 2011

plodding along

I have a cold.
Nothing too dreadful but it was very nice to lock myself away in my workshop today and not have to talk or think too much...I made a list of things to do and simply started at the top and kept going until I was done...and I feel about 20 times better this evening than I did this morning so I think sewing must have healing powers! (or it could be the hot drinks, hot food & paracetamol that did it!!)

I machined the 6 boxes, made up 12 owl kits and almost made 12 flower brooch kits...I just have to cut the flowers out this evening and I will be able to finish them tomorrow
thanks for the sweet comments about Little Bear ~ for those that asked he can be found on the website here (scroll down a bit)


artydoll said...

You makes are fantastic,if I had a col I would go back to bed,lol.

quiltdude said...

Sometimes just plodding away at work is the only way to get over a cold. Hope you feel better soon xx

LARION said...

............ Very nice........... :))))))))

Cantinho da Nina said...

Hi!! I'm Simone, from Brazil... Congratulations for your beautiful jobs!! If I could, I'd like to ask you something: what kind of glue do you use to "glue" the fabric flowers on felt? something like Heat'n Bond, for Appliquè???
Thanks a lot for your attention!!!