Saturday, January 08, 2011


the freebie is still can find it by clicking here!

whilst the freebie has been at the top of the blog I have been busy sewing & finished off a wholesale order (the first half can be seen here)
lots of flowers ...flower embellishments, flower brooch making kits & flower drawing pins.
***update on my new workshop***
I received a letter from the solicitor today...inside there's a contract for me to sign & a request for cheque #1, plus I have to go & see them and take proof of who I am so they can continue doing the paperwork wizardry! So far, so good!


quiltdude said...

Ooooh really exciting and also a little scary. xx

Nuria said...

I like your job very much!!!

Carmen Wing said...

Oooh love those drawing pins :D

Exciting news on the new workshop!

Just like Martha said...

thanks for the opportunity to enter your freebie - how exciting - I'd love one of your little kits sent to me "down under" so I can play....oooohhh pick me!
Lee Mills

Alia Syaza :) said...

woww! ilove those flowers so muchh !!!