Saturday, January 02, 2010


Monster ::
Monster and his Friends ::
making monsters is FUN!
*in the monster kit you get a pre-sewn random monster shape (the big monster) and lots of bits to embellish your monster with....I had so many bits I made 2 more monsters!


Joanne said...

What cute monsters! and they look fun to make.

mollycupcakes said...

Happy new year honey.
Oh I'll have to buy one of those for Daisy's birthday this year. She loves monsters and all things boyie lol
Thanks for sharing that one sweetie.
Catherine x

picciolo said...

he he they look great! I love the patterns/colours of the pieces you got. I'm glad you had fun making them xxxx

Ann said...

Those are so adorable!

treaclezoo said...

the last one is my favourite, he looks like a battenburg!!