Monday, January 04, 2010

raring to go

today felt good...officially the first work day of the year and I found I had missed my normal [hectic] routine.
(I did work at my day job between Christmas and New Year & I've kept paper-and-string ticking over but Today, I officially worked hard!)
I've caught up on my accounts and tackled my receipts ... which gave me the perfect opportunity to take a photo of the cute wallet/purse John got for me :-)


Unknown said...

I love the purse! x

Closet Writer said...

wish my paper work was as neat as yours!!

Pumpkin said...

It's so darling! Any ideas where he got it from?

Anonymous said...

Turquoise owls??? I'd say he knows you pretty well. :)

Too cute!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Very Cute! :)