Tuesday, July 07, 2009

summer slow down

Summer tends to be a quiet time in my shop (which is kinda worrying now I have rent to pay!) but looking on the bright side it does mean that I have lots of time to concentrate on stock and new designs...

...this time last year I went on a Christmas making/designing spree but I'm not feeling Christmassy right now (it's just too hot!) so I have been re-visiting some of my other designs.

Last night I finished some owl ornaments & owl embellishments and tonight I shall try and finish some mushroom brooches (which have been out of stock for ages now!)
I've also done some more re-arranging at the workshop, using something I bought AGES ago (and which didn't end up being made into what I intended!) but it's a grey day here so no photos of that today...hopefully tomorrow!!


.:Pink:. said...

wonderful *____*

Unknown said...

I just love owls :))


Lyn said...

Gorgeous owls! Loving the colours :)