Saturday, July 25, 2009

spots before my eyes!

I came home from work yesterday to find this parcel in the porch....a surprisingly small box when you know there's 10,000 buttons inside!
I decided to order huge quantities so I can try to always have them in stock, but I am still missing a few colours (and still trying to get them)
These little blighters are hard to get!
Dots are here, and ginghams are here.
Enjoy them while they last!


Bagladee said...

Oooh I feel all giddy looking at those yummy buttons!! Button candy for the soul :D xx

Unknown said...

Ooh lovely...out of interest, you didn't have to count them all, did you? lol xx

Annie said...

What a lovely supply of button goodness

ellie said...

Yet again i am so jealous- I am absolutely in love with your workshop and now buttons, my total weakness!
And i love the tortoise, sadly if i had one of them my cat would use it as a very cosy bed!

claire said...

ooh patience is a virtue :)
I can't go to bed now I have to go get myself some buttons :D
xx said...

Glad I dont have to stocktake your place!

Kate Ross said...

oooohhh how lovely your so lucky to have somewhere to go. Lucky lucky you.
Take care