Thursday, July 16, 2009

making to order

I've had a few orders to make this week....I usually only sell items that I have pre-made but have recently given shoppers the option of ordering even if items have sold out. It certainly helps to relieve the pressure of keeping the shop tip-top stocked up!
I stayed late at the workshop tonight cutting out the next order (the first from my wholesale shop ... yippee!!) but it was too dark/late to take a photo of that, so I'll do that tomorrow.


Indigo Blue said...

Glad I amnot the only one who is starting to think about Christmas. Cute!

Pomona said...

The mention of Christmas always makes me go into a panic! But I do like the puddings - it's very comforting to know that other people are so organized!

Pomona x

Saskia said...

Hihi... this looks so funny... and so beautiful too!

Saskia :)

Leah said...

These are so cute.

Cheeky question though - where do you get your mini brads from?

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

These are great!
Anne x