Wednesday, July 01, 2009

imagine that!

This morning I knew I was going to blog about my felt shelves because I had a new delivery
here they are looking pretty empty

and now they are nice and full :-)
I also knew I would be blogging about piles ::
piles of new kit instructions, patterns and front pages
and I knew I would blog a tempting picture of piles of kits in the making (all will be revealed on freebie day tomorrow.)
What I didn't know this morning was that this heatwave would make me sew something a little crazy ::

A GIANT happy tree !! haha!! :-)
he enjoyed hanging round with his little buddies
but I think he's more at home watching over the sewing machine :-)


Maxine said...

That's a very tempting picture of your new kit, I can't wait to see what it is! I'll be back tomorrow !!!

Bagladee said...

OMG he's AWESOME!!!!!!!! XX

Anonymous said...

I'm LOVING that big tree!!!! How cute!

Nia said...

Love the giant happy tree! He'll take care of your workshop when you're not there. Just make sure he doesn't eat the little ones...!

Indigo Blue said...

Ahh, that is cute!!

Unknown said...

Now that's just showing off! [Wipe drool off keyboard] LOL

Emily said...

I love all that felt!!! I would have to arrange it into a ROYGBIV rainbow... but then again, I would probably spend too long just looking at it & not actually getting anything done!! LOL!! :o)

Lissy said...

oh he is just gorgeous :)