Wednesday, March 04, 2009


another brilliant Wednesday!
I went for a walk along the beach this morning, it was glorious...the perfect way to start a day of hard work!
I packed 100 mini rainbows
some BIG rainbows
and finished off a little sewing
now there's just enough time to get the hoover out before I get started making the freebie for tomorrow :-)


Kitty said...

I so envy you your proximity to the sea - we're so far away from it :-(

Fab fruitage! x

Bagladee said...

Oh what a perfect day!!! You lucky girl...I miss sea walks, infact just walks in general. Yey for days off.xx

Anonymous said...

100 mini rainbows?! wow! I am impressed :)

bex said...

wow! what a busy day! a walk by the sea sounds great!

Unknown said...

Lovely to find a fellow Worthingite doing interesting stuff!

Are you coming to the networking event next Monday at Pestle & Mortar?

Katie x
Ethical Weddings