Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am back from my trip to Devon...I had a lovely time, Nan's birthday was fun .. and Mum, Dad and I spent some lovely time together ... lots of yummy food and great all was brilliant :-)
But this morning the PostMan came with a button delivery so I can't stop and chat, I'm busy counting buttons into bags :-)
I have a HUGE shop update planned for tomorrow so I'm sure the blog will be full of pics of handmade goodness tomorrow :-)


Kitty said...

Welcome home! Those buttons are positively scrummy. x

Bagladee said...

Great to see you back. Hope you got some well deserved R&R xx

nursya said...

hai. so excited to see ur buttons.
i'm from malaysia. whre u buy the buttons? what the size?
can u sell some to me?