Monday, December 15, 2008

just. having. fun.

just 9 days 'till Christmas.
how did that happen?

even though I've been making Christmas-y items since August(!!) I didn't see it coming.
So, did I shop this weekend? NOPE!
I sewed.
I didn't sew gifts. I just sewed.

And I like them.
Whatever they are :-)


Indigo Blue said...

HHmmmm! 9 days until Christmas, which means 7 days until my 39th birthday which means I am crashing closer to the big 40!!! HHHEEELLLPPP! It certainly is sneaking up! Just sewing, pure bliss.

Nia said...

Oooooooh Sarah- those are gorgeous! Are they going to be for sale on your website? I'll definitely take a few off your hands....!

Kristen said...

oh how yummy! I see them strung together as a felt garland!!

M.E. Greene said...

Coasters? Ornaments? They are darling, whatever they are.

Rachel said...

They look like little coasters to me! They are certainly lovely and bright and cheerful!

Gillian said...

I love the VW Van one!!

Apryl said...

brooches? I like the tree ones... and I can't believe its 9 days before christmas I have so much to do and a horroible cold that has kept me in bed for two days flat.. oh dear .. I've not even wrapped anything yet..

sally said...

Those are so cute. They remind me of boy scout patches but for girls. I love it!