Monday, December 01, 2008

the beans are spilled

Today I am officially allowed to spill the beans.
I have been involved in a super secret project to create an online emporium for digital scrapbooking...but not any old digital scrapbooking, no siree, this is digital scrapbooking with a handmade twist!
All of the designers involved (I am one of them) have a background in textile art, of one form or another, and the work that's been produced is definitely inspiring!
I'll let the website speak for's just gone live so I'm off to have a look too!

PS:: my first kit isn't ready yet because of technical hitches (otherwise known as sarah-has-computer-brain -freeze, ouch!) but it will be ready soon :-)
**The pictures are WIPS taken earlier in the year.


jojoebi-designs said...

ohh super cute!
I've not tried my hand at scrap booking digital or otherwise, I am afraid I might get addicted :o)

Unknown said...

it looks great!!!

Nia said...

Oh Wow- the kits look amazing! How exciting xoxo