Thursday, December 18, 2008

finished (almost!)

phew, yesterday was exhausting!
I live very near Worthing town centre and popped home after 4 hours of hard shopping because my bags were too heavy! I had a strong cup of coffee and a sandwich, laid all my purchases on the floor, wrote a new list and went back to the shops!
I now only have three things left to buy, all from Waitrose, so I'll get them tonight after the evening trip to the Post Office.
My etsy purchases have started to arrive...I'll take photos before I wrap them but can't show them on here in case I ruin some surprises!
the pipe cleaners are from my local sewing shop, and they are for me to make candy canes with (I saw them on a blog a few weeks ago and thought it was a cute idea!)
So my shopping should be finished by this evening...I just need the postman to do his part and then I can start wrapping....I can't wrap until the tree is up because I like to leave the presents under the tree, and I can't put the tree up because John's brother is still here and our living room is his bedroom for the time being!
I'm off to work now, enjoy your Thursdays!


Jackie said...

I love the pipe cleaner candy canes! I saw them somewhere as well - it's a great idea.

Rubyred said...

Mission Accomplished then!I don't wrap the presents until I've put the tree up,I like to wrap with the lights twinkling and the Christmas music on.Love the candy cane idea!Rachel x

M.E. Greene said...

I love reading your blog and just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays!