Wednesday, December 10, 2008

feeling organised

I've been feeling a little *chaotic* recently, staying on top of work and paper-and-string things had me running around all over the place, but today I have got on top of everything!
I've re-filled the larder, emptied the laundry bin, made and posted everything that has been ordered AND have just finished updating the stock levels on etsy, ebay and the website.

I've also restocked all my kits and have pre-made swatch cards too.

I've booked this weekend off work, to make up for my no-day-off weekend that's just gone, and once I've tackled doing my accounts I'm free to sew ... yippee!!

1 comment:

Bagladee said...

OH MY GOD What is your secret??? I feel like my life is not my own at the moment and its driving me insane!!! ;)x