Wednesday, October 10, 2007

organised crafting

Today I have had a day of sorting out and organising. I have turned my little writing bureau into my packing area. It is everything I need right where I need it! Pens, scissors, tape, deco tape, moo cards, order forms, gift tags, swatch cards, ribbon and stuff! Such a novelty to have it all together, rather than spread all over the living room!! The best bit? I used it today and there was plenty of room and it still looks tidy :-)Next job on the list was to make some swatch cards. I bought these divided trays at hobbycraft and they are perfect for storing the swatch card colours.Finally, I printed and cut and assembled some new packaging labels. I made 20 so that should keep me going for a little while.

Yesterday evening I did do some actual sewing, trying to sort out the robot's neck ::

see how it's all lumpy and weird ??

well my next bright idea made this ::

and the neck looks better ::

BUT now I have another's a new-ish disease for robots,

called floppy-metal-disease ::But he looks really cute looking at his robot-made cupcake ::which ever way you look at it the robots seem happy ::

I have another bright idea so maybe robot number 3 will have a perfect neck :-)


Locket Pocket said...

Those robots are adorable - I agree about the one looking at his cupcake - you can almost see him licking his lips! I am seriously tempted to order one of your swatch-cards just for its eye-candy appeal! I do use felt quite a lot so perhaps it will be a genuine request so I can buy from you - but you should consider selling them as art works! Lucy

Just Original said...

I need to make a packaging just like yours!

The robot looks great, even with a dodgy neck, maybe you can make him a neck brace!

Vanessa x

Unknown said...

You are such a GEEK with your compartments (I can call you that, because I think I have those very same trays from hobbycraft....they do ribbon ones too y'know!). My Nan has just given me a big tall boy to store my things in (just have to cart it to mine and figure out where to put it, lol!)

Unknown said...

Poo, I forgot to tell you how much I like the robots (well I did tell you, but in my HEAD! heheheheheh)

Blimey, I'm a little giddy today :D

Monkee Maker said...

Very impressive packaging area, and yes, that robot does look cute checking out his cupcake!

Kae said...

I so love your little robots!!! Too cute!!!

Wish my craft area would look only half as organized as your packaging area... lol.


tess said...

the colours of those little felts squares are gorgeous.

mollycupcakes said...

All the packing items look good all sorted together in one place, bet it makes life so much easier now.
The robots are very cute, just the cupcake bellies or hearts. I sometimes think I run on cupcake power lol
Let me know when you've posted the froggy and I'll look out for it.


Catherine x

pinkgreen said...

wow - you are organised! The felt looks good in that box - lovely colours all together. The robots look great - very happy robots they are too!
Cathy X

Di said...

The robots are really cute and I love the little swatch box to!!

dragonfly said...

I DO LOVE organisation! I have a box like that for my embroidery threads...