Sunday, October 07, 2007

and the winners are...

I've spent the last few days reading this book ::

which I bought from here It is a fantastic book and I would recommend it to anyone interested in crafting for a living (or trying to,like me!) A couple of things which clicked with me were the need to keep a brand identity and having in place some help for when you need it most.
I think those topics were on my mind when this happy little fella started to spring to life
What a friendly looking robot...what's that you say? 'not just any old robot'
ta-da I'm a robot-cupcake-maker :-)


Now back to freebies :: my favourite random number machine has done it's stuff and the 3 numbers it produced are :: 26, 17 and 7

number 7 is::

Cathy said...
Congratulations!! Happy birthday and well done on your work in print - very exciting way to celebrate!Cathy X

number 17 is ::

nicola said...
hi saran,well done on the fame .your blog is fab to and so are the cupcakes to!!nicola x

and number 26 is ::

the vicious chicken said...
Wow, how exciting to be featured in a magazine! Congratulations :o)VCx

well done you lucky people. If you email me at mail at paper-and-string dot co dot uk I'll let you know how to claim your prizes.

and for those who weren't quite so lucky you can still join in the birthday fun and claim a 30% discount in my little felt shop simply email your orders and I'll work out the discounts and send you an invoice :-)


Anonymous said...

Aw, I love the robot-cupcake-maker! So now we know how your productivity is so high!!! x

pinkgreen said...

Wow - I have never won anything before and I am so excited! What a lovely end to the weekend. Love the cupcake robot. I could do with a real one of those in my house!
Cathy XX

pink-petal-designs said...

congrats to the winners. Glad you are enjoying reading your book. Great robot.
Sarah x

the vicious chicken said...

I can't believe I won - thanks so much! The cupcake robot is lovely (I agree with Cathy that one of these would be the best kitchen appliance to have at home!)

Anonymous said...

Your cute cupcake robot made me chuckle!
I have my eye on that book,it's good to hear some feedback about it. I think you have a good brand identity, your work has a cohesive look and is recognisable as yours I think (IYKWIM!)

Anonymous said...

i car't belive i won to.thanks so much sara.
love the cupcake robot to.

caroline said...

I love the cupcake making 'bot - oh to have a real one. Thanks for offering your thoughts on the book I have been toying with getting a copy but had wondered if it would be too American-centric. But I may just go and get myself a copy.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes.

Blooming Felt said...

Poop - I didn't win :o( Never mind - there's always next time :o) And I can't believe you're reading that book - I literally just bought it this morning from a fantastic bookstore I came across called Books a Million. It has the biggest craft section EVER !!! Sarah xx

Indigo Blue said...

I love the robot's tummy! intersting looking book, is there an ISBN number?
Many thanks