Monday, October 29, 2007

the start of a new week

Grandad's funeral took place on Friday, 26th October.

Friend's and family all gathered together and celebrated his life and I was told all sorts of stories about things he had done. As you can imagine a lot of tears were shed and a lot of hugs were shared.

I've still been bumbling away in the background, spending 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there and actually I have got quite a bit done! It didn't feel like I was achieving anything much but when I took the photos this morning I was pleasantly surprised!!

First up, a photo that's been on the camera for a while ::

my Nan started to knit these little hats for Innocent whilst she was sitting in hospital and Grandad was sleeping and WOW did she do a lot!! She's keen to get started for next year too so if any one else knows if it is going to happen again next year, or if there are any other knitting projects she could join in I'd love it if you would let me know :-)

I printed and made more stationery ::

address labels ::

and the new swatch cards ::

and the pile of happy tree decorations is nearing completion ::

This evening I got home, packaged up some orders, visited the post office and went food shopping and now I'm cooking a roast for our dinner :-) and if I read that on another blog I would think 'she's super woman' but I'm not, I'm just filling up my time and working my way through it all :-)
Thanks for being the best blog reader's EVER xxx


greetingarts said...

I hope the vibrant colors of the wool and the sweet faces on your ornaments are cheering you quite a bit. If your Mom makes mittens, there's a link for a mitten collection at the top left sidebar of my blog.

tess said...

it sounds like keeping busy has been helping you get through a tough time, hope you are feeling ok.
this is a link to a tea cosy knitting project for St Johns ambulance if your Nan needs a new project.

take care of yourself. x

Ali said...

Sometimes staying busy is the best medicine.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you Nan has any sock wool lying about, because squares are being requested for a blanket in aid of Oliver's fund.

Info here:

I think the project is running short...

Blooming Felt said...

Hiya ! So pleased it went well on Friday. Sarah x

pinkgreen said...

Hope you are feeling ok. Glad you are keeping busy - you certainly do seem to be like super woman at the moment.
Cathy X

Anonymous said...

Keeping busy does help but don't forget to give yourself some 'you' time too.x

pink-petal-designs said...

Lovely flowers for your grandad. It's good that you are keeping yourself busy to help you through this hard time for you and yours.
Thinking of you.
Sarah x

Mama said...

Thought your Nan might be interested in this project

And on a personal note, please know that your are being held in many hearts and prayers - including mine : )

the vicious chicken said...

Wow, your Nan did well with making so many little wooly hats!

And yes, you seem to have got lots done too - I hope you are doing ok and that keeping busy is helping.

Sending all best wishes your way,

dottycookie said...

I'm glad the funeral went well (if that's the right word) and I hope it helped. It sounds like you've done a good job filling in time!