Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday is for sewing

I love Sunday. It is my favourite day of the week. I am trying to be a super-organised crafter and plan to use Sunday as my shop update day.

The plan is to get all my weekly sewing completed and the photos taken so all I have to do on Sunday is list everything. Four Sundays have gone past now and I still find myself sewing on Sundays!! BUT a friend told me this morning about turbo lister on EBay and, wow, it's fantastic !! It really is SO fast, why I haven't tried it before I will never know....

I have added a little bit of everything to the shop today, including Apples and Pears, my new favourite thing to make!!

I had an email from one of my favourite online shops this morning to say they are closing down :-( so go and see them as everything is on sale !!! They always have combined gorgeous craft supplies with excellent service and I will miss that.


Blooming Felt said...

I told you turbolister was good !!! Off to have a nosy at the closing down sale now :-) x

Anonymous said...

Your apples and pears are lovley, i like the mixture of colours on each one