Sunday, April 22, 2007

A seagull theft

I have decided that blogs are strange. They bare no comparison to how busy the blog writer is...When all is organised and structured blog posts are frequent and well planned, but when the blog writer is very, very busy the blog doesn't get written, giving the false impression that the blog writer has nothing to write about due to having nothing to do.

SO if you have been wondering where I have gone and why i wasn't doing anything then the answer is, I am still here, I have been very busy indeed alas, I have been too busy to note it all down here!

My day job is taking up a lot of time at the moment. I also have been completing a wholesale order and been visiting the post office with some packages sold via eBay .

Today I wanted to do my sewing in the garden so I made a cup of coffee and took that and a packet of Hula Hoop Crisps into the garden, I went back inside to grab the tray with the sewing stuff on it and what happened? I went back to the garden (I was inside for 30 seconds at most) and there was a BIG seagull on the table and he flew away with my Hula Hoops, he didn't go far away so I watched for a while and he managed to open the packet and eat. them. all. Don't seagulls know how to share?

I'm also still working on my website, slowly getting it ready.
A comment was left on my last post asking if I would be selling bags on eBay and I have decided to sell them on my website, later on in the year!

Hopefully things will be back to normal here soon (and hopefully I will have the camera next time too!!)


Ali said...

What a cheeky little blighter! Very kind of you to share.

Fibrespace said...

How rude!! Was it your last bag?

Anonymous said...

Hello again
just stopping by to see what is happening. I don't visit that often but I love it when I do!
Very cheeky seagull. I bet you don't even live by the sea (well worthing is not right by the sea is it?)
Found this, in a book I got for my birthday. I thought you might like it too: