Wednesday, April 18, 2007

no time to craft?

I'm never happy when I have no time to craft, and this week things are coming at me from all angles, trying to stop me and I seem to be losing the battle! Unfortunately something had to give and it's this poor little blog :-)

I'm working 6 days a week at the moment and on Monday the shop did it's busiest day ever, and then yesterday we beat that! CRAZY bus-y-ness!

It was Big J's birthday this weekend and I had to put the felt and thread away and go out for a lovely meal and drinks with friends instead (who would say no!) the next day was spent with a fuzzy head at a car show. It was glorious weather and there were lots of great cars there.

I'm also half way through a small-ish wholesale order, even though it's crafting it's not the same when it's an order! Does anyone else feel that or is it just me?

On top of that, the weather here is glorious, which is a good thing EXCEPT it's way too soon to be this warm and I haven't made any summer clothes yet...even the weather is trying to dictate what I should be doing!!

So in between all the craziness, the general mess of household chores and sewing to order, what have I been doing?

Making a new bag to go with my new, non-existent, summer wardrobe of course! I whipped it up last night from my stash of fabric and I used it today and I love it. The handles are very long and the bottom of the bag sits in the palm of my hand when it is on my shoulder...there is nothing more annoying than short bag handles !


Anonymous said...

LOL I so get what you mean about the difference beetween making up orders and being "creative" there is a difference for me too.
Its like I am thinking all the time I am working to fill an order oh Gosh I wish I could get cracking on that Project I want to do :o(
I am working at the moment on some Hair accessories (you may have seen me around on Ebay LOL)
I seem to get inspired in the evening when its late and then want to stay up all night sewing I am shattered.
Tonight I took a night off ....but its HARD.
Anyway have a nice weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

P.S I meant ot ask will you be making bags for your ebay shop?
I really love it and would love to buy one...