Tuesday, April 10, 2007

sewing in the sunshine

I apologise in advance for the picture-rich post !!
I have had a lovely Easter weekend. I had lots of time off from the day job and not a lot of plans! Big J and I had some nice time together, pottering around the house and getting some spring cleaning done.

Big J also squeezed in a day of fishing yesterday.
So I have had a lot of relaxing time in the sunshine sewing :-)

I got myself an audio book for my i-pod and have been plugged into that whilst sitting in the garden sewing and sewing.
I've also been busy on the computer, I have bought a kit to make a website! I have started it and, even though it's fairly straight forward, it seems to take me ages!!

So eventually I will have a paper-and-string on-line world all of my own and I will share it all when it's done, but it's a long way off yet!!
I've been making some cupcakes and flowers to fill the shop, and I've made some more of the felt gift bags ... the little circles (above) are only about 4cm across and I think they are so cute !!
As are these.....Little Peeps !!They fit in the palm of your hand and make you happy !!
I think the strawberry was inspired by the gorgeous weather !
I'm back to work tomorrow, and I'm doing 6 day weeks for the next few weeks so the craft time may suffer slightly, I'm off to fill the eBay shop up now, and then some more website tinkering !


Ali said...

The little peeps with beards are a stroke of genius!

Esther said...

Just been blog browsing, my you are a busy sewer!!! But your work payts off, what cute and adorable pieces you have made, I particulalry like those yummy cupcakes!!! And those animals (further down the page on your blog) very sweet! Keep up the hard work, they are lovely. I had to leave a comment

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are just TOO creative! I'm so amazed by how prolific you are. I love the little gift bags, I'm off to Ebay to have a look!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you're a sewing MACHINE!!!! Love the sruff you made xx

Sweet Treat said...

Love the little circles! I have some similar fabric and have just been admiring it! Love what you have created... cuuute!

domestic goddess said...

oh i love those cupcakes, and the little poeple, how gorgeous!
i have to have some