Thursday, August 28, 2014

we're back!

We came back to work yesterday after a few days off - and we're all caught up with the backlog of orders .... thanks, as always, for keeping us so busy :-)
Whilst we were away I did do a little ordering *ahem* in fact, I spent the best part of two days checking stock and placing please expect quite a few of these picture collages from me over the next few days!
The top picture shows a lot of new fabric - with a selection from Tilda, and my fav, Michael Miller, just look at those Santas.  Cute!
 Ribbons have been restocked and a few newbies have snuck in - I LOVE the Christmas coloured pom pom  trims, and I think everyone who likes Frozen will snap up the snowflake ribbon!
I've managed to get my hands on some tiny poms poms, boy are they hard to find now!!  I've added some cute felt stickers to my stock AND bought in bulk so you can buy 3" hoops at a much better price (which I hope you all do because I now have hundreds of them!!)
I have remembered that there are more seasons in the year than just Christmas and have come over all autumnal with these Natural ribbons - printed with Foxes, Hedgehogs & Squirrels....and some linen ric rac printed with roses.
to keep upto date with all the new goodies which are arriving keep your eye on the 'what's new' section of the website :: click here to see it

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Jen said...

Hi Sarah
Welcome back! I discovered your blog three weeks ago and can't tell you how inspiring it is. After reading a few of the most recent posts I went right back to the beginning and have read through every one of them from June 2006. It was like reading a good book! And because I knew from your website that you were based in Dorset I kept waiting for the big move ... and blimey it was exciting when it happened! Unfortunately I got up to date with your posts just as you went on your hols so I've actually had withdrawal symptons for the last few days! Been waiting for you to post again so I could comment - for the first time ever on a blog. Hope you and John had a great break. You sound an amazing person (as does John) who deserves all the success you are having - and more.
I'll be ordering your swatch cards and then most probably a whole lot of things! Thanks for all your creativity, inspiration, colour and sheer hard work - Jen