Saturday, August 16, 2014

Clare made me cry today

 I was busy unpacking all the parcels for the swap (see previous post) when I found this sparkly package  in with some swap decorations......this is the note ::
 ....and a history of all the stitching Clare has organised over the past school year
 (if you click the pictures they should get bigger so you can read them)
 and just look what they made for me!
 it must have taken them many pretty stitched and they chose such lovely colours
It's a joy for me to be in the postion where I can help - but really Clare is amazing, she spends so much time doing this...they are lucky children, that's for sure ... thanks Clare - this made my week!
you can follow Clare on her blog here


Indigo Blue said...

As a secondary school Art and Textiles teacher I was up on my feet shouting my delight. To see work of this standard by primary children when so many primary schools shy away from any form of sewing is fantastic. Sewing is alive in schools but boy do we have to fight to get timetabled time. Blogs such as yours help a lot to inspire and also show how work and talent can become a living too. Many thanks for posting this and I too run an after school textiles club with Year 8 and it takes a lot of organisation but with such young children it takes even more. People such as Clare and myself shall keep flying the flag for sewing and handmade. I am going to pop over to her blog now, I may have a few projects she might like.

quiltdude said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm so glad their sewing put a smile on your face. That is the reason I do what I do.
It's really hard work with all the planning and preparation not to mention 12-14 six to nine year olds all asking for help at the same time, but when you see their little faces at the end of a project and feel their pride and sense of achievement it makes it all worth while.
the skills they have learnt will be with them for the rest of their lives. Some of the children already have their own little sewing kits at home now and are sewing without my help. How cool is that?
Would love to hear from anyone else who teaches young children and would be happy to share ideas etc.
x Clare

trash said...

Oh! I hv a little tear reading this.