Saturday, August 30, 2014

goal achieved!

 all 45 of my felt colours have been reproduced in button form in an exclusive range of buttons - only available on my website!
don't they look scrummy in my sweet-shop-esque display??
 John Dymo labelled and filled them all for me (isn't he ACE?)
 whilst I played with buttons took hundreds of photos for the website
 and spent a while drooling over their loveliness ;-)
 the single colours are available in bags of 100g (just £2.50 a bag)
 or you can create your very own custom mix - the possibilities are endless!! (from £1.50 per 50g)
 or if you prefer your buttons tidied away in neat little trays (like me) you can choose to buy a filled tray (you choose which 15 colours you want) for just £25 (and I'll post the buttons in 15 separate bags so they don't get all mixed up in the mail)
a little blast down memory lane now - these 2 photos are of my Worthing workshop in May 2011 when I had just dyed my very own range of buttons, in a saucepan on my hotplate (the workshop didn't have a very big kitchen) dreaming of when I would be able to have all 45 colours *yippee* I got them in the end, and they're even better than I dreamt of :-)
buttons are on the website HERE


Jessie May said...

Woah! That's a mammoth task - but they do look oh so good sitting on your shelves.

Unknown said...

what are gonna do with this button??