Thursday, July 31, 2014

will you join in?

I am organising a Hand Stitched Christmas Decoration Swap! 
The basic idea is simple - you make a Christmas Decoration, send it to me and I will send a different decoration made by someone else back to you ... sounds good doesn't it?
I'll give you a quick breakdown on how it all works below....(double click to see this larger)
  1. Make your decoration
  2. Print out a special tag, fill it in and attach to your decoration
  3. Print out the special blank address label and add your name and address
  4. Put your decoration (with tag) and your address label in a parcel
  5. Print the special paper-and-string address label and attach to your parcel - don't forget a stamp - pop it in the post.
  6. Wait a little while....
  7. The postman will bring you a parcel with the address label you filled in on the front
  8. Open it - and see which decoration you received in return!
There are more details in the FAQ's below (double click to see this larger) ::
I'd love as many people as possible to join in so if there's anything else you need to know - just ask :-)
the special tags and address labels and all the info you need is on my website HERE


Anonymous said...

A lovely idea! I'll be taking part.


MJ said...

Yes please, this sounds great!

Anonymous said...

I'm in!

What a great idea.


leanne said...

Oh this sounds good! :)

Lesley said...

great idea, i will be too, although i am very critical of my own stuff and never think their good enough, but will have a go anyway :0)

Jessie May said...

What a great idea! Already thinking of what I can make :)