Saturday, July 05, 2014

say hello to Percival...

 This is Percival - my new Classic Car :-)
John has quite a few classic cars and we have been on the look out for one for me ... I really really wanted a Toyota Starlet from the 1970's (I had one as my first car....I've not had many cars, this new one is my fourth and I have been driving and running a car none stop for 20 years!!) but Toyota Starlets from the 70's are hard to find...and then we saw this little Volvo/Daf 66 and I fell in love with it.
We only had to go to Axminster to get him (only about 15-20 miles away) which means he is my 3rd car from Devon :-)
John's done quite a bit of research and there are only 7 of these left on the roads...he's a Variomatic, which is a quirky kind of Automatic car....great fun to drive and previously owned by a super-fan of these cars (he had 12!) so he has been very well looked after mechanically.  He comes in various shades of 70's brown and has furry seat covers!!  He is ACE :-)

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Anonymous said...

congrats on your new edition!
it's about the same colour as my little old corsa!