Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ribbon Remnants

You (my lovely customers!) buy a lot of ribbon.  I sell it in all sorts of ways - by the roll, in a pack or cut to order just for you - and selling cut to order just for you can lead to a lot of extra lengths of ribbon in my 'leftover ribbon basket'- it mostly comes from ends of rolls or when I cut around a mid-roll join .... and I have just finished colour co-ordinating, measuring and bagging to bring you :: Ribbon Remnant Packs!
there's a Christmas selection ::
 a Muted selection ::
 a pastel selection ::
 and a Bright selection ::
 they are all bagged up & listed on the website - and once they've gone they've gone!
15 metres - £5 each  - ribbon remnant packs - click HERE

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