Saturday, October 12, 2013

get your shopping mojo into gear!

the website is back - and looking just like it should look like!
If you are still seeing the wonky website please press F5 on your keyboard and it should refresh itself and go back to normal :-)
It's a weird thing, this world of websites, lots of you didn't see the wonky website and if you did it quickly righted itself, whereas I (and others too) could only see the wonky's all very strange, and probably perfectly obvious to tech gurus, but I don't get it!!
What I do know is: orders have been pouring in over night and my website is working just as it should
Oh, and that my normal, sewing filled posts, will resume shortly...because boring old text posts really aren't cutting it, even if I did bold some text to try and spice it up a little ;-)

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