Thursday, October 17, 2013

Garlands for John Lewis

Over the past few weeks I have been sewing some garlands which will shortly be decorating two John Lewis stores
 One garland is on it's way to John Lewis High Wycombe, and the other to John Lewis Milton Keynes, both are destined for the haberdashery departments, so if you're local do pop in and have a look
  Both the garlands have a mixture of designs from my Christmas Kits that John Lewis are stocking this year - I love the red ribbon they chose to hang them off, it looks very festive indeed


By Neymes said...


Jessie May said...

Yay!! I love seeing your garlands in my local John Lewis. Will have to pop in soon (trouble is I always end up finding something I need).

ricketyjo said...

They look absolutely fantastic! :)

Vick Guthrie said...

WoW! They are all very sweet! Congrats on getting your garlands in John Lewis! x