Wednesday, October 30, 2013

a lonely wednesday

sickness has hit our little team - Becky's youngest is sick so Becky is at home looking after her - and John has had the lurgy for a couple of days but today he finally succumbed to the call of a warm bed and some soup at lunchtime, and is under strict instructions to stay there and get better - so I am here all on my own...I have packed all the orders and unpacked a tonne of deliveries...mostly restocking popular items, but a few new things have snuck in too ;-)
 *new* GINORMOUS jingle bells
 *new* mini wooden spools
 *new* mini embroidery hoops
 *new* big pom pom trim & lots of the ever popular teeny tiny pom pom trim
 sewing threads have been topped up, as have 4" purse zips, needles and pins
 tonnes of ric rac :: teeny tiny, standard & large
 AND the clip on black boards are back!  2 sizes of rectangles,  *new* clip on heart AND *new* blackboards on cool are they?
oh, and I've been dreaming up an idea for the next freebie (it's freebie day tomorrow!) and think I have come up with a cracker, so come back tomorrow and I will try my very best to have it ready on time (unless, of course, the lurgy strikes me down next!)
Quick Links ::
giant bells - click here
wooden spools - click here
mini hoops - click here
pom pom trim - click here
ric rac - click here
thread - click here
needles and pins - click here
zips - click here
clip on blackboards - click here
easel black boards - click here

oh and don't go thinking I am super woman that has done loads, look at this ::
a great BIG mess for me to tidy up (my packing table is under there somewhere!!)


Jessie May said...

Oh my goodness, just when I think I have enough loveliness from your shop to last me a while, you get even more wonderful things that I didn't know I needed. Hope John feels well soon.

galina avakyan said...

ahhh!wonderfull things! i want to wish you health, health and health!!!