Friday, June 01, 2012

question answered

Thank you to every one who took time to answer my button question on yesterday's post....It seems that the answer is Both!  Which is a mighty fine answer!  It means I shall be re-jigging the button section a teensy bit and adding a few more mixed bags!
Hooray for the most helpful blog readers/shoppers ever!
Today was a manic day...Lots of last minute orders which have *just* made it to the post office, I'm hoping that everyone will get them tomorrow so that their Loooong weekend will be a crafty one, I'm working tomorrow and Tuesday, but Sunday and Monday are Days Off Days.
The photo's of the little flurry of handmade orders which finished last night and were sent out today
Happy Jubilee Weekend Everyone!


Zethan said...

Have a great weekend and few days off, if I read that correctly!

Jessie May said...

Happy Jubilee weekend to you Sarah. Are you doing anything exciting? I'm doing a few last minute crafts to decorate the house, I'm so excited I could burst!!