Monday, June 18, 2012

Jersey Holiday

Our holiday was Fantastically-Amazing!  We went to Jersey and loved it!
We relaxed, ate, pottered and sight-see'd to our hearts content!
The zoo was the brilliant, the hotel (and the balcony view) was glorious...we had some sun, some rain, and some gale force winds (especially important to know about whilst on a ferry!!)  but whatever the weather we had fun!
John took a lot more photos than I did...but that's lucky for you otherwise you'd be looking at a whole load more of my holiday snaps!!
I've been slowing my way back into work today...I have re-opened all my shops, there's a new message on the website and I've opened all my nasty bills!!  Orders are picked, and will be packed and ready for posting tomorrow as promised .... I've got a tonne of sewing to do for NotOnTheHighStreet orders and my to-do list for this week is a L-O-N-G one already!
It's a good job I love this job ;-)

Quick Links ::
Jersey website, click here
Durrell Wildlife Park, click here
Hotel, click here


Anonymous said...

Welcome home - sounds like you had a great time. Have lots of family around Jersey, although I've not been over since I was kid!Some great places to visit and the others Islands too.
Nice to have lots of "fun" work to come back too!
we were caravanning on a cliff top in Weymouth when the gales came!!!

dottycookie said...

Welcome home! I remember holidaying in Jersey as a child - the sun always seemed to shine and the zoo was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go to Jersey-- and now I want to even more

Fluffybunnyhead said...

Welcome back, looks & sounds like you had a great time. Loving the otter picture, they're sooo cute, we have a pair of Otters at our local Sealife centre & they are just adorable. Wish I could cuddle one but they're not really into that -they're a bit wild & bitey ;-)

Wise Owl said...

Welcome back!!
The photos are amazing... Thanks for sharing them with us!
I sent you 2 messages a few days ago and since I got no answer yet I wonder if I didn't actually sent them by mistake! I hope you answer me soon cuz I'm reaaaaally excited about ordering your beautiful things!

Jessie May said...

Lovely photos, looks like you had sunshine. I would so love to go to Jersey. Hope you have a happy week back at work :)

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