Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my very own Jersey Cow

St Helier has some lovely shops....quite a few famous names and lots of lovely independents too and  Jersey has a lovely 'brand' called Genuine Jersey which highlights local produce, be it food, plants, art or crafts.
I treated myself to my very own Jersey Cow made by Nanette Regan (you may know her from her blog which was called  Area Thrifty One, you can see her blog here) I've been a blog follower of Nanette's for ages (lucky me, I won a freebie ages ago!) and it was so lovely to see all her products up close in a number of shops around the island.
Nanette makes tonnes of lovely lovely softies, kits to make your own and even gorgeous seriously took me ages to decide which to buy...the octopus with blue legs nearly won but the Jersey Cow was more apt!!
If you fancy a peek at Nanette's Etsy shop click here


Tangled Sweetpea said...

Oh he's lovely! Fab retro colours too!
Victoria xx

Kay said...

This is the cutest cow I have ever seen. I am going over to look at her blog right now.

Anonymous said...

Hello from an original Jersey Bean!
Glad you enjoyed your visit to my lovely Island. Yes the Jersey Cow is gorgeous - did you see a real one in the flesh - so pretty! X

Nosso Cantinho Amado said...

Much cuteee....