Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sidney is For Sale

Sidney the Singer Sewing Machine needs a new home....

He's a very handsome Industrial Sewing Machine, he works well and sews fast and if I had the room I would be keeping him! He got left behind when I moved to the new workshop because he won't get up & around my new stairwell...and poor Sidney has been left in an empty foyer ever since...

he's been well used by me for the past 2.5 years and by many people before that! John put a new power lead on when we got him, because the original was very old and tired.

the enamel is wearing is the formica on a corner of the table, but apart from signs of wear he's in great condition (none of the edges of wear are rough though)

He has a drawer full of needles and different feet (and my fluff dusting paintbrush!)

plus a packet of 20 brand new bobbins. The thread holder and bobbin winder are included too.

if you have a good home for Sidney where he can be kept busy sewing for hours on end then please get in touch...I'm only asking £100 for him.

He needs to be picked up from the BN11 area (Worthing, West Sussex) and he needs to be gone by Saturday 6th August. (they want their foyer back!!) He is very heavy but we can help lift this end!!

I shall be listing him on eBay at the end of the week but thought I'd Blog him first!

If you need any more info please just email me:

mail {at} paper-and-string {dot} co {dot} uk


I will be back tomorrow with felt-y news!


Anonymous said...

Poor Sidney! Would love him but just don't have the room......sure he'll find a new happy home! Good luck!

Handige An said...

That poor old Sidney....all alone in a foyer....make's me feel sad....

To bad, the netherlands are to far away ;)

Anonymous said...

Sidney will find a good home, I'm sure. Singer is a very good brand. My family use it.
All the best