Monday, July 18, 2011


Every now and again I like to take a little look at paper-and-string and plan some future changes....and this weekend saw time for a little hand sewing (for the orders in the photo which have been finished and are now on their way) and a little planning...I'm always a little impatient when I get a new idea but for now I'm happy to sit and think and plan....and make lists of course!!


Soraia said...

I really enjoyed your space and work are very delicate!
I also like to sit down and plan the next project or work, making it easier to time to perform the new task.
Kisses and wishing you a week filled with joy and new projects,

Handige An said...

always fun to work on new ideas!

Really good to hear that you're problems with the 'copycat' has been solved.

I just love your boxes the best ;)

Manuela Pinkfrilly said...

I really love these're great!!


Anonymous said...

You're an inspiration to us all....
I love your vision ,determination and zest for what you do ,it really shines out in your work :o)

Linda said...

I'm really enjoying reading your blog; I found it via the Mr Site site where you are a recommended site. I don't know how you find the time to maintain all the shops and blog posts.
Looking forward to reading all the back posts!
Linda x

Bagladee said...

Hi Sarah,
Only just catching up on blog reading and been to visit the site fore mentioned and have to say that its down right pathetic that someone would copy anyones work, especially to that extent. This person should feel utterly ashamed that 'their work' was featured in several magazines claiming it is their original ideas when clearly it is not. If it were me I would contact the magazines in question and ask them to print a retraction or at least mention your name and website.

Ooooh it makes me so mad, if you cant be original or are so dishonest to steal other peoples work just dont bother. Nuff said.

Big hugs honey, we all love your work and there is no substitution for you :)
Em xx

Anonymous said...

That grey elephant looks GORGEOUS on that purple felt!!!! So cute!