Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fun

thank you all for your kind words and support yesterday, it really helped me a great deal....I shall continue to update yesterday's post if & when anything new happens.


yesterday evening (inbetween emails & blogging) I sat with a glass of wine on the sofa and stitched some flowers...the perfect project to add a bit of cheer to the end of a crappy day!

and today I've listed them in the shop, and then I dealt with some different boxes ::

for my John Lewis order I have had to find a supplier who will make me some boxes to my exact measurements....easier said than done when you only need a few (well, the box making peoples think 200 is a few. I think it is a lot!) so after getting some quotes and doing a little research I found ASCDirect who have a made-to-order tool called BoxBuilder and it's the best thing ever! you just pop your measurements in and they give you a price...and 2 days later you have your boxes!! I have tried it with a few sizes and it's quite a pricey way to get small boxes, but for medium and larger size boxes it's great! Plus with ASC I don't need to order 200 in one go to get a good price...which is good because they'd take up a lot of room!

My John Lewis boxes are perfect and on Monday I decided to buy some boxes to fit in my expedit Ikea cupboards....I love my cupboards but they seem to waste so much space...and these new boxes will hold all sorts of things .... who knows, soon I may have some room to move in here!!


Jayne Schofield said...

Oooh Sarah...the flowers look scrummy...glad you're feeling on top today. You're a very talented lady x

Pene said...

Thanks for the tip about ASC, it's often hard to find a specific size of box. I've just been playing with their box builder it's great fun and you don't seem to be penalised for smaller quantities (less than 200). Have saved their website for future refernce.
Glad to see the order is coming along nicely, you'll soon have it all done. Have a nice weekend
Pene x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the JL order is going so well - not long now to launch day!!!!! how exciting, will you be stalking the aisles to see how they are received?!!!

hope the baddies from yesterdays blog have considered themselves told - how mean. Plus they weren't a patch on the quality of yours. Was that your frog copied too?
chin up!