Monday, June 13, 2011

move & cut

for such a teeny space my landing has been very important in the task of 'finding somewhere to put all this stuff'

I've moved this white cupboard there temporarily...because I needed the space in the small room it came from!

it's currently holding all the ribbon I have cut so far (with space for more!) the boxes in the top two sections are there to stop things falling out the back of the cupboard, over the banister and down the stairs!

I cut a lot of felt this weekend which meant I was able to re-arrange the small room...the big boxes on the right hand side are my newest delivery, containing the packaging for the kits

and the boxes on the left hold all the cut up felt! there is still a bit of felt to cut....but not much thank goodness!!


Manu said...

Hello Sarah! I get on the next plane and come to help you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

I have just spent the last 2 days solid reading your fantastic blog from way back at the very start ..

I've shared the 680 cupcakes , seen your lowest tide waypast the pier , the happy face cupcakes for your nieces birthday , all the colds and flu you have suffered , the 3 workshops , the ever growing mountain of felt and of course all those fab teeny buttons to name just a few .. I simply adore all you do , your work is fantastic

I have been unable to drag myself away and now have one of the biggest headaches in history haha but well worth it .... I am now a follower and wish you every success with paper-and-string , your very inspirational :)

All the best for 2011

Nicki x

Pene said...

Keep up the good work you'll soon have all your charts coloured then you know your done.
Pene x

Handige An said...

I admire all the work you do. You just keep going on and on and on and on..... :)
Good luck!!