Saturday, June 04, 2011

deliveries galore

the freebie post can be found here


my workshop is officially full up!

I've unpacked all the felt that arrived and had to keep loads on the landing because the stock room has no room left ::

I've left a little bit of floor space in there but not much!!

The top of the stairs and my doorway are full of boxes which are full of buttons ::

and my table is currently home to the remainder of the ribbon ::

all deliveries for the kit's 'ingredients' have now arrived...just the packaging and printing and bar codes to go!

Oh! and I also have received 5 humongous bales of stuffing ... but they won't fit up here so are currently in the garage at home!!!


Handige An said...

wow! that's loads of stuff!!
Hope you can find you're way out at night ;)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Just catching up after being away, love seeing your little work room and it is so exciting about your order from John Lewis - love the chart idea! I hope you get a chochy bar each time you reach to top of the column :-)

Jenny said...

Wow, that's such a lot of stuff to have to sort and pack! Massive congratulations again on such a fantastic order! xx

Anonymous said...

World Domination needs room - lots of room!! You'll just have to move again to somewhere bigger, get staff (I'm available!!!!)to run a little conveyor belt and then in the spare time(!!??) you can start giving classes aswell!! Sorted!!
have fun - Juliexoxo

Manu said...

Wow Sarah! If still get felt or ribbons.. you need to find a bigger house! =^__^=

Anonymous said...

Love it! Your workshop looks better than a candy store! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, almost looks like you need an assistant! Claire : )

Ayu said...'s really nice to know your's really inspired me, keep up the good work, dear!~~~yayansmum