Thursday, December 09, 2010

skater dude bunny

Ewa left a comment on my freebie post inviting me to enter her blog freebie to win Skater Dude Bunny...and I only went and won!!!
How lucky am I???

I have named him Bert.
Thanks Ewa, He's amazing :-)


Pene said...

He is lovely, lucky you. Hope you and Bert have a lovely christmas
Pene x

Anna said...

Congrats Sarah! :D I love amigurumi plushes, he's adorable :)

MsPIGgii said...

He is adorable. You're so lucky! Care to give me a few numbers to win the jackpot this weekend? heheh =P

Unknown said...

What a dude! :) x

Revathi said...

Congratulations!!! Bert is adorable!