Saturday, December 04, 2010

a saturday catch up

I like to leave my freebie post up uninterrupted for a day or two and whilst I did here's what else happened ::

a 3am 'it's snowing' ... John and I stood on the doorstep to see the snow fall and turn the street all pretty

I received an order for findings

finished an order for 2 boxes

and another 2!! look how similar they are, weird huh?


Anonymous said...

I am really loving your blog-- Lots of lovely things. Hope you have a really happy weekend
Kindest Regards Linda

Kelly said...

Those boxes are really nice :)

quiltdude said...

Love your boxes, very tempted to get some. xx

Unknown said...

Doesn't the snow always look so pretty when untouched? We had heavy rainfall so our 'bit' of snow has now gone. How strange 2 sets of similar boxes for 2 different orders!! They ook lovely! x Sue x