Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 reasons I should know it's nearly Christmas

1. I started making Christmas stock in June
2. I've been on a complete Christmas-rush fueled whirlwind for the past few weeks, making lots of lovely custom items for gifts for loved ones
3. I've planned (but not yet shared) the days I will and will not visit the Post Office over Christmas
4. I've started planning what I and paper-and-string will be doing in 2011....in the New Year....you know...after Christmas
5. Today I opened window number 14 on my daily countdown to Christmas advent calender

and despite all that I have bought zero gifts :: zero cards :: put up zero decorations ...
...by the end of the night I will have a list.
A dedicated Christmas To-Do list....and do you know what?? If I've got a list I can do it!
How's your Christmas going?


Closet Writer said...

My christmas is going just fine...I decided in June to make all my gifts this year so have been working my way through it since then, cant believe how much fun I have had doing this and how it has taken away the stress of christmas shoping. Hope self employment is all you hoped it would be....have a good christmas
Shirley x

Jessica said...

Similar, I've been working on getting all my Christmas presents made since February and I'm still not quite done. I've just done a nightmare of a post office trip this morning and hopefully won't need to return this year. Still not finished decorating - I too need to make a list!

Anonymous said...

My name is Julie and I am a "list - aholic!" It's nice to know it is a common social issue - especially amongst crafters it seems!!!?
Good luck with getting it all ticked off!

Pene said...

I could not survive without lists, how do you know what to do or whats been done without them? As for christmas presents well 90% are home made and the others were interneted, there is no way I'm going shopping at this time of year it's far too stressful
Hope you have a lovely christmas
Pene x

Anonymous said...

Love Christmas, hate the 20 odd days before it! Why on earth do I get so caught out by it? It's always at the same time every year and yet it always surprises me! Best on luck with the list making and the remaining 8.5, yes, ONLY 8.5 shopping days until Christmas!

Rosa Forino said...

io adoro questo periodo, ma sono in piena crisi regali... ;-) speriamo che mi venga qualche idea... kiss rosa.kreattiva

Carmen Wing said...

Decs went up at the weekend (we always do it on the 12th) Haven't yet managed our yearly trek round a local estate that illuminates all the houses :P Bought nearly all the pressies bar two - haven't sent any cards yet - have posted all parcels that needed posting BUT am way behind on target of crafty stuff i wanted to do this year - will follow your lead and start earlier next year ;)

Am positively shattered this week.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm a new italian follower...your creations with felt are amazing, I simply love the owls :)
I don't feel like Christmas is coming in only 14 days...I've already decorated my house and my balchony is so full of blue leds I don't even need to turn the light on in my room...LOL. But I still have a lot of gifts to craft and buy, and I promise - like every year - I'll start earlier next time ^^