Sunday, June 06, 2010

pack :: un-pack

a felt delivery arrived and it's now unpacked
and my packed orders looked so cheerful on the rug, waiting to be bagged & carried to the Post Office that I thought I needed to take a photo!
the orange spotty one is a return to Boden...I treated myself when they had a bargain 20% off offer but the jacket I ordered wasn't great so it's going back and I'm getting another pair of summer trousers ,not white ones though...they'd be guaranteed to get covered in felt fluff!!
the freebie is still open :: here


Anonymous said...

Your place is always so tidy!!!!
Don't Boden have some great bits!? May attempt a version of their corsage necklaces?!

Grig said...


Thanx Sarah, I love you Brooch Bars!

Realicoul said...

Rug snap :)