Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm a happy stitcher

Some items on my website are listed as 'made-to-order' purely because I haven't had time to make more....and over the weekend I had an order for a 'made-to-order' Robot Cupcake Maker Softie.

I haven't made one for weeks and weeks and I had fun making this little fellow.
He seemed to like the workshop and visited all the areas... one point I couldn't find him & discovered him hiding behind the curtain!
bye bye little robot, I hope you enjoy your new home xx


Saskia said...

Wow! So cute and so creative!!

Saskia :)

Emma said...

The cupcake in his tummy is so cute!

Hilal said...


Anonymous said...

A happy cupcake baker - nothing better!! Looks sooo happy!!

MitziMakes said...

he is just so cute!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hehe, very funny he's gorgeous :-)
Anne x

The AfterCraft said...

I wish I could have a cupcake instead of a heart.. then I'd be even sweeter.

yarnbelle said...

Hi Sarah,

I am the owner of this lovely creation, I kid you not! My boyfriend Peter got him for me as a little "hoorah" as I recently completed a hand-stitched baby quilt for his new nephew - my second-ever sewing project. I absolutely love my little robot, he's settled in nicely and I can't wait to show him off to everyone.

Thank you so much,
Naomi (also a customer - you supplied me with the felt for the quilt) x

anewyorker said...

Love that robot!