Wednesday, June 30, 2010

off on a tangent

I have 4" zips!

perfect for using in my free felt purse tutorial that I did last year

who knew they were so hard to find???
bright pink in the shop now...more colours to follow (when the suppliers get them back in stock)
oh, and it's freebie day TOMORROW...maybe I'll see you then?


The Pea Pod said...


You're a very neat sewer - lovely x

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for "first thursday's of the month!" I've booked my date with you already - see you then!

amieggs said...

those are really nice!!!! it's really hard to find small zippers... I can only get them in black or white at the shops here T _ T

Kimberley said...

Lovely coloured zips, they would look lovely against there's a thought!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I loved your purse tutorial :)

Almudena Antelo said...

Hi Sarah!! Is you need zips like that in Spain there are easy to find them.